Forgeron - Cognac de Folle Blanche

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The Folle Blanche collection was born from the Forgeron family's desire to rediscover the Folle Blanche grape variety. It was the traditional grape variety of the Cognac and Armagnac regions.

During the phylloxera epidemic at the end of the 19th century, the grape variety disappeared and winegrowers turned to Ugni Blanc, a more resistant variety.

Today, the Forgeron family has 5 hectares of land devoted to growing Folle Blanche, in order to rediscover the traditional yet forgotten aromas of Cognac.

Then, each Folle Blanche Cognac is aged in French oak barrels in Michel Forgeron's cellars.

This collection will make you discover aromas less common today in Cognacs and yet so widespread until the 19th century. Some of them will even remind you of Scottish or Irish whisky or even American Bourbon with their smoky, iodised, peaty, quite exotic notes.