Forgeron - Cognac Millésimes - Les Barriques - 0.5 Ltr

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Cognac is normally a blend of eaux-de-vie from different years, of different ages, depending on the qualities sought by the Cellar Master. A millésime on the other hand is a rare cognac of one specific harvest or vintage. 

During some years of harvest the season had such particular characteristics (sunshine, drought, etc...) that the resulting spirits are so special and delicious that some of it is set aside as a special vintage, kept in barrels sealed with wax. Forgerons millésimes are called Les Barriques with the harvest year corresponding with the cask number.

Les Barriques vintage Cognacs are rare beverages as bottling only ever takes place in very exclusive batches of 6 bottles only, all produced and distilled by Michel Forgeron between 1960 and 2000.

- Barrique-60 to Barrique-89: "Bruts de fut" cognacs, without blending or reduction.

- Barrique 90 to Barrique-2.0: Cognacs without blending but with a slight reduction (to 47% alc.) to better appreciate the rich taste.

These cognacs are still in casks where they continue to age and evolve, each different on the nose and in the mouth: fruity, spicy, woody, toasted, buttered, leathery ...

For optimal enjoyment it is recommended that you serve them at or slightly below room temperature (17 - 20C), preferably in a "Tulip" glass.